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CLI::AsNumberWithUnit Class Reference

#include <Validators.hpp>

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CLI::Validator CLI::AsSizeValue

Public Types

enum  Options {

Public Member Functions

template<typename Number >
 AsNumberWithUnit (std::map< std::string, Number > mapping, Options opts=DEFAULT, const std::string &unit_name="UNIT")
- Public Member Functions inherited from CLI::Validator
 Validator (std::string validator_desc)
 Construct a Validator with just the description string.
 Validator (std::function< std::string(std::string &)> op, std::string validator_desc, std::string validator_name="")
 Construct Validator from basic information.
Validatoroperation (std::function< std::string(std::string &)> op)
 Set the Validator operation function.
std::string operator() (std::string &str) const
std::string operator() (const std::string &str) const
Validatordescription (std::string validator_desc)
 Specify the type string.
Validator description (std::string validator_desc) const
 Specify the type string.
std::string get_description () const
 Generate type description information for the Validator.
Validatorname (std::string validator_name)
 Specify the type string.
Validator name (std::string validator_name) const
 Specify the type string.
const std::string & get_name () const
 Get the name of the Validator.
Validatoractive (bool active_val=true)
 Specify whether the Validator is active or not.
Validator active (bool active_val=true) const
 Specify whether the Validator is active or not.
Validatornon_modifying (bool no_modify=true)
 Specify whether the Validator can be modifying or not.
Validatorapplication_index (int app_index)
 Specify the application index of a validator.
Validator application_index (int app_index) const
 Specify the application index of a validator.
int get_application_index () const
 Get the current value of the application index.
bool get_active () const
 Get a boolean if the validator is active.
bool get_modifying () const
 Get a boolean if the validator is allowed to modify the input returns true if it can modify the input.
Validator operator & (const Validator &other) const
Validator operator| (const Validator &other) const
Validator operator! () const
 Create a validator that fails when a given validator succeeds.

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from CLI::Validator
std::function< std::string()> desc_function_ {[]() { return std::string{}; }}
 This is the description function, if empty the description_ will be used.
std::function< std::string(std::string &)> func_ {[](std::string &) { return std::string{}; }}
std::string name_ {}
 The name for search purposes of the Validator.
int application_index_ = -1
 A Validator will only apply to an indexed value (-1 is all elements)
bool active_ {true}
 Enable for Validator to allow it to be disabled if need be.
bool non_modifying_ {false}
 specify that a validator should not modify the input

Detailed Description

Multiply a number by a factor using given mapping. Can be used to write transforms for SIZE or DURATION inputs.

Example: With mapping = {"b"->1, "kb"->1024, "mb"->1024*1024} one can recognize inputs like "100", "12kb", "100 MB", that will be automatically transformed to 100, 14448, 104857600.

Output number type matches the type in the provided mapping. Therefore, if it is required to interpret real inputs like "0.42 s", the mapping should be of a type <string, float> or <string, double>.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ Options

Adjust AsNumberWithUnit behavior. CASE_SENSITIVE/CASE_INSENSITIVE controls how units are matched. UNIT_OPTIONAL/UNIT_REQUIRED throws ValidationError if UNIT_REQUIRED is set and unit literal is not found.

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